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Current Prayer Requests / Answered Prayer

Author Recipient Date Requests / Praises
Smith, Ray Earl 07/21/23

This is a request for Earl, a Texas resident and friend of Ray Smith and a cousin of Lyle Thunstrom. An MRI on Earl, following an auto accident, revealed a large (size of an orange) benign tumor in his brain. The doctor's will operate to remove the tumor on August 31. He has already lost his sense of smell and the fear is that the pressure caused by the tumor will eventually cause his blindness.

Your prayers are solicited for a successful surgery to prevent further problems for him.

Thank you for your concern and prayers for this man.

Colquhoun, Louise Nilou 08/26/23

"I would appreciate it if you would ask the prayer warriors to pray for Nilou, my daughter Rachel’s paramedic partner. As a result of getting the COVID vaccine, she developed a very aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis. I had asked the prayer warriors to pray for her about a year or so ago. At that time her symptoms seems stay about the same, but have recently got dramatically worse. The only option they have left for her to try is chemotherapy, but they don’t think it will work. It looks like she will have to stop working, which she doesn’t want to do, as she loves her job. She is approximately 40 years old. 

Nilou is not a Christian, but has seen how Rachel’s faith and prayer has made a difference on many occasions when they have been working. She frequently asks questions about our faith. She phoned Rachel when we were at church today and asked if we would pray for her.

Thank you, Morian and the rest of the prayer warriors for your ministry." 

Manuel, Sharon Self 08/28/23

"Please ask the prayer warriors to pray for my health.  I am having trouble renewing my drivers licence because my sleep apnea events are too high.  The number needs to be down in a week.  Thank you to all." God bless you, Sharon

Wajsen, Sheila Richard



Sheila called me a few minutes ago regarding a heart attack Richard suffered this afternoon. He was taken to Royal Columbian Hospital in Vancouver where they inserted a stint in his heart. 

When Sheila called they were waiting for an ambulance to move Richard back to Abbotsford where he will be admitted to the hospital and observed for around three days.

Please pray for both Richard and Sheila and the medical team providing the care he needs in this emergency. We know the Master Physician will be closely guiding the medical team.
Thank you Sheila for the request and the PW for the prayers.

09/20/23 Update:

"I have a praise and a thank you to all the prayer warriors on behalf of prayer for Richard. He is doing very well and will be coming home today. 

We can only say that God had His hand over us on Saturday and that He gets all the honor and glory for giving Richard a second chance at life.

The Cardiologist said he had a massive heart attack but when you see him you wouldn't know anything happened. We continue to pray for a full recovery because the heart has some damage. Yet, God is using him in the hospital to share His message for these times. Pray for this morning talk he is going to have with his cardiologist. 

Again Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

We have claimed these promises in Psalms 73:26 and Ezekiel 36:26.

Placide, Danielle Wilson White's Family 09/19/23

A few minutes ago Pastor Danielle passed on to me the news from Romana that Wilson had passed away peacefully today. You are encouraged to pray for her and the family as they mourn his loss.

Ellen White wrote these words of encouragement that were printed in Heavenly Places, p. 58:

"It seems almost too good to believe that the Father can and does love any member of the human family as He loves His Son. But we have the assurance that He does."

Romana, we are so sorry to hear of Wilson's passing. Please know that you are loved very much and are being prayed for by your church family

 09/19/23 Update
What a blessing the Prayer Warriors have been to Wilson and me.  Thank you for your love.
When I think of what he had to suffer, I cry.  But now that there is a sweet sleep of relief, I am so very thankful to the Lord.   What an answer to prayer from the God who hears our pleas.  No more pain!!
Heartfelt thank You to my God and to you all who so earnestly lifted us in prayer.