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Current Prayer Requests / Answered Prayer

Author Recipient Date Requests / Praises
Powers, Pat.Brousson, Carmen Maria McMiller 01/07/23

"Maria McMiller needs prayers for healing in regards to a health problem. (Needing electronic MRI or other testing). Prayer was requested but few details were given."

03/07/23 Update from Carmen Brousson:Maria McMiller is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow for a cancerous tumor in her stomach,

Please pray the surgery goes well and that she can be in the 70-80% that have no complications after.

Pray also for her immediate family.

03/08/23 Update: Carmen reported last evening that Maria had surgery that removed malignant cancer in the stomach but it could not all be removed because it enveloped an important blood vessel. Chemo and radiation cannot be used for this cancer so the family is seeking alternate natural medicines.

Prostran, Nerina Tina Alves 02/03/23

"I have an urgent prayer request for Tina Alves.

She is in a nursing home in Toronto area. Last night she fell in her bathroom and broke her hip. She will have surgery tomorrow. In few days she will be 92. years old. Please pray that the Lord will help and comfort her."

Poama, Llucian and Manuel, Sharon    

1. A Request from Pastor Poama:. 

"Today, I went to visit a lady by the name Bonnie Gray who is at the Abbotsford Hospital. She is not an Adventist but gave her life to Jesus a few months back and is facing a very life threatening health condition. She has requested an anointing service which gave me the opportunity to visit and minister to her. Ezra sure did help make her smile today. 

Please pray for Bonnie that God will continue to reveal Himself to her in a powerful way, provide comfort for her family through this difficult time and a special request for her husband as well who is needing God’s intervention in his life."

2. A Request from Sharon Manuel:

"A lady I met at the Community Table is visiting from Salmon Arm because her nine month old baby was born premature and  is still in the Vancourver children’s hospital.  His name is Theo and because of his many health problems needs our prayers."

Valiao, Sherryl Mae Sister Joy 02/09/23 Request: "Soliciting prayers for my sister in the Philippines. She will be undergoing open-heart surgery (Mitral valve replacement). I know God hears and answers prayers! Thank you and God bless everyone."
Kuppers, Elizabeth and Karl For Family 02/13/23

"We are asking the prayer warriors to pray for our family.  We are going through an awfully nasty stomach flu virus that is difficult to recover from.  Reiner was in emergency last night for almost 6 hours.  We got home around 7am and are exhausted.  Today Reiner’s still feeling awful.  He said it’s the worst he’s ever felt in all his life.  Thank you so very much for keeping us in your prayers. 

God bless you all.  Stay safe, healthy, and well." 

Elizabeth, Reiner, & Karl Kuppers

Mundall, Becky Son Verlin 02/15/23

"Here’s a request from Becky Mundall for her son, Verlin Mundall.  He had an accident at work falling off and was taken to one of the hospitals in Vancouver.  Tests are going on to assess the severity of the injury and they are soliciting prayers for Verlin.  Thank you so much for passing this request on to your prayer group."

o3/02/23 Update: “Yesterday Becky Mundall called to give an update on Verlin’s condition.  Verlin Mundall is home now and has less pain.  Even though both his arms are in casts, the doctors informed that he doesn’t need surgery on his arms. 
He was installing a gutter in a house, but somehow he fell and hit the outside stairway.  His partially collapsed lung inflated on its own and his adrenal gland that was bleeding also stopped immediately. Please continue to pray for him as he faces the tedious part of healing and learning to live without the use of his arms for two months. Thank you for your prayers.” 

Poama, Lucian Angus Mclellan 03/24/23
I have a prayer request for our wonderful prayer warriors: 
"Please continue to pray for Angus McLelum who has just successfully underwent a 5 bi-pass open heart surgery!
He is recovering at the Royal Columbian Hospital. They are also considering installing a pacemaker. 
He is in a lot of pain so please continue to pray for that, his recovery and that the Spirit may continue to keep his spirits high.
God worked it out in such a way that he was able to be visited by Barry Buchanan the morning right before being transferred into surgery! Upon request, he received a Bible, some Spirit of Prophecy books of his selection and another piece or reading material." 
Pastor Lucian Poama