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Current Prayer Requests / Answered Prayer

buchanan, Sonja Ryan, Bob and Cindy 06/02 "Could you please put a young man named RYAN on your prayer list.  Ryan is one of the people that our church group assisted when we were in Merritt.
He sends 3 of his young children to Sabbath School at the Merritt Seventh-day Adventist Church even though him and his wife do not regularly attend.  They also have a newborn child born this past February.
Three years ago, Ryan fought a successful battle with cancer.  However, in the past month the cancer has returned.  I spoke with him a few days ago and he sure would appreciate prayers on his behalf.

Also, another one of the families we helped, Rob and Cindy have had a death in their family.  Please pray for comfort for them."
McLellan, Heidi

 A friend in Ontario


"I would be very blessed to have the team pray for my classmate Sandra in Ontario. She has a super aggressive breast cancer… has gone through chemo and surgery… is blessed to know that her lymph nodes were clear but the incision line isn’t healing… she knows she is facing 20 radiation sessions as soon as it’s healed… saw her oncologist this week and was hit with more bad news… this type of cancer has a very high incidence of returning within 2 years regardless of what has been done… the return can be elsewhere in the body… to try to prevent that she will need to take oral chemo long term after the radiation…she is to have genetic testing as there is concern for her three daughters and many grandchildren… she is really struggling to keep up her courage for this journey and will be very blessed by your prayers. Many thanks,"