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Current Prayer Requests / Answered Prayer

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Request / Answered Prayer or Praise. (To keep information current, requests and answers will be removed in 45 days.)

Luc Sabot Christians in Laos 06/14

Christians (including Adventists) are suffering persecution in various forms: where they can worship, and pressure to register as Animists or Buddhists in order to get their citizenship documentation.

Gregory Jerome Self 06/16

He requests prayer for God's protection now and in the future. All his life he has suffered from low self-esteem and he also prays that God will help him have more self worth.

06-17 Update: The insurance wrote off his damaged car. With the settlement and pastor Luc's help, he bought a reliable car.

Sheila Wajsen Sheila's Mother, Stepfather and family 06/20

I have a prayer request for my stepfather and my family especially my Mom. He has been told he is full of cancer and it is just a matter of time. My Mom is in a home and my sister is making arrangements for her to go to see him in the hospital. He was rushed in on Monday with a blockage. It could be her last time seeing him.

Update 06/26: I just got a call from my sister in Prince George and my stepfather is with most of my family and Mom  because he is failing very fast. Please pray for strength for all. I was able to say good bye to him.

Update 07-09: "Good morning Morian and prayer warriors I am just letting you know that after more than two weeks in hospice my step dad passed away last night. I am thankful to all of you who remembered to pray and things got resolved with him and my family so the time was necessary. Of course my Mom and family are grieving today for his loss. I will be traveling up to Prince George tomorrow to spend some time with my Mom and family. I would appreciate your continued thoughts and prayers that I will have the right thing to say at the right time for their salvation sake. May God’s Spirit fill me with Christ’s love to be seen and felt in everything I do for them. John 12:32 May I lift up Christ !!!

Heidi McLellan Dianne Lamb 06/25

Needing prayer for Dianne Lamb (Penticton Church) She has some symptoms (abdomen and leg swelled) that have the doctors baffled. A CT scan is scheduled for July 3.

Update 07/04:  CT scan showed an enlarged abdominal lymph gland. Seeing a surgeon for biopsy on Tuesday. Her doctor stated slight chance it is not cancer but very likely is lymphoma. Many thanks for your prayers. 

Update 07/11: She has a biopsy surgery date on 07/22. She is feeling quite calm and peaceful now due to all the faithful prayers. Feeling very blessed for that. Thank you, Heidi

Update 07/18: Dianne is being anointed tomorrow and has expressed a strong belief that she will be healed. Praying much that God’s will be done and that she will be able to accept if He does not choose to heal her outright. Many thanks, Heidi