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McLellan, Heidi Friend Sharon



Requesting prayer for a classmate named Sandra (Ontario). She has a very aggressive breast cancer. They already knew it was in her lungs but her MRI on Monday showed two spots in her brain as well as a quarter sized spot on her skin (scalp). She is on life extending chemo right now and is now referred for radiation for the new spots.
The real concern is her relationship with God which is very distant and unsure though she was raised Adventist
Asking everyone to please pray for her to draw very close to God in full recommitment before it’s too late.
Many thanks,
McLellan, Heidi Edith Koch 05/17/24 "Edith Koch is needing prayer. She has had severe fatigue lately and has been diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus. She had this once before… it put her in a wheelchair and took her several years to recover. I asked her permission to submit this request. Prayers will be much appreciated."
Illapogu, Pushpa Venkat and Usha Chilaka 05/19/24

"Please remember Abbotsford church members Venkat & Usha Chilaka in your prayers as they are mourning the death of Usha’s mother in Hyderabad, India.Thank you!"


Brousson, Carmen Jeff and Family



"I would like to request prayer for a classmate of three of our children. He is around 37 years old with a wife and two young children. He graduated from dentistry a couple years ago. 
His name is Jeff and he has an aggressive brain tumor. He's had surgery that went well,  the surgeons say, but the prognosis for recovery isn't good. It is so aggressive that he is starting chemo and radiation .
Thankyou for the prayers for him and his family."
Manuel, Sharon Kristi and Barb 05/22/24

Here is an update from Sharon Manuel on Kristi who was in the serious ski accident"

"An update on Kristi whom we have been praying for because of a ski accident:  She is doing much better than expected. Prayer definitely helps.  Doctors think there is no permanent brain damage in spite of the concussion.  She can stay sitting up for about an hour but won’t be able to go back to work for months."

And a new prayer request from Sharon:

"A dear cousin-in-law, Barb Cooke, has been diagnosed with stage three b colon cancer.  She is waiting for an appointment with an oncologist and in the meantime knows God loves her and is in charge.
Thank you prayer warriors. God bless you.

Brousson, Carmen Ciara 05/27/24

Remember the lady who lost both arms and legs? Here is a current picture of her. She is being fit with artificial arms and legs and of course going through a lot of work to learn how to function.
Please continue to pray for her progress and for her family as they relate to this "new" person in their home.
Thanks so much, Carmen and the Prayer Warriors.

Poama, Lucian Messiah's Mansion Success  

Hi Morian

Greetings from Calgary. I am here with the Messiah’s Mansion team. 
I can’t even begin to tell you just how many miracles God has performed up to today to get Messiah’s Mansion in Calgary. Road block, after road block in which the Devil tried to throw up, God worked miracle after miracle to tear them down and have this amazing ministry happen here in Calgary. I’ll be sharing some of these amazing miracles this Sabbath at our church. This is defiantly something to include in prayer to our prayer warriors.

Please pray for Messiah’s Mansion in Calgary! Tomorrow morning, a city inspector will be coming through to check over everything and we’re praying that everything goes well and there’s no need to delay the first tour at 1PM.
Of course, please also continue to pray for our Abbotsford Messiah’s Mansion that is set to happen the following week. Please pray that all goes well with the truck rental, the drive to and from Calgary and that we have all the volunteers step forward for set up and the many stations during the tour. May God pour out His Holy Spirit as people have an opportunity to both experience and learn the beauty of the story of redemption.Thank you.Blessings,Pastor Lucian Poama
Pastor of The Abbotsford Seventh-day Adventist Church

Smith, Ray Bjob Shumway 06/26/24

Ray has requested prayer for his brother-in-law, Bob Shumway, who had a finger removed last Friday due to his diabetes. He has previously lost toes as well.

Bob has been injured by his exposure to Agent Orange in the army. Various medical conditions have been obtained from this exposure and can be passed down to offsprings. I am not sure if this was also related to the digit loss or if it was the diabetes alone. In any case he needs our prayers.


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