Sabbath School

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Is meeting at the Abbotsford Seventh-day Adventist Church at 9:30 am.

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Meeting at the church again.

Adult Downstairs Class by Kitchen

check with Phil Antunes


Young Adults Sabbath School Class

Check with Jason Cooke


Filipino Sabbath School Class

Check with Johnson Noble



Online Adult Sabbath Schools:

Class # 1 - Check with Morian (Zoom Class)


Upstairs Sanctuary Sabbath School Class

Check with Sharon Manuel





Weekly Adults Sabbath School Lesson:


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Online Sabbath School Lesson Study:

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Presented by Amazing Facts:

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Education in the Garden of Eden

True education will lead to true knowledge, the knowledge of Christ, and thus not only will we become more like Him, we may stand also to share our knowledge of Him with others.



Graphic sign saying, "Adult Sabbath School Class"




Adult Sabbath Schools

Group #1  Meets in the Sanctuary



Adults sitting in pews studying the Bible


Group#2  Meets in the Conference Rom


Adults sitting around tables, studying the Bible



Group #3 Meets in the 2nd partitioned area, downstairs



Adults sitting on chairs in a circle, studying the Bible


Group #4 Meets in the 1st partitioned area, downstairs beside the kitchen