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There are few things in life one cannot do without. Of course food and water are two of these things. In fact, it is recorded that a person can only live without food for around 4 months and without water for around 4 days. But far more important than food or water is to us our need for air.

Permanent brain damage begins after only 4 minutes without oxygen and death can occur as soon as 4-6 minutes later.  Oxygen alone is very important, but are there ways of optimizing our body’s gas exchange?

Deep breathing helps to optimize lung function and gas exchange.  Deep breaths help open the tiny alveoli of the lungs.  Alveoli are where the gas exchange actually happens in the lungs.  If not used for long periods, these tiny sacs can collapse and thus reduce the gas exchange of the body.  This reduces oxygenation of the blood, which impairs brain function and hinders the immune system.  Regularly practicing deep breathing throughout the day will help keep your mind sharp and your immune system strong!

Fresh air is also very beneficial for the body because it has fewer impurities than air indoors.  Plants act as filters for impurities, and certain types of conifer trees produce chemicals that, when breathed in, boost the function of the immune system.  Fascinatingly, a walk in the forest induces stronger immune responses than a walk in the city!

Inside air often contains dust and various pathogens, so keeping a clean home or work environment can help reduce the amount of cleaning the lungs must do to purify the air we breathe.  Outdoors, UV radiation from the sun helps to kill harmful pathogens in the air, while naturally-occurring ozone in the atmosphere also helps to break down harmful particles.  Give your lungs a break by spending some time each day breathing fresh air!

FRESH AIR and deep breathing are great health remedies you can easily adopt in your daily lifestyle that will help move you toward a more abundant life!