June 29.19 Worship Southeast Asian Ministries

June 29 proved to be a very special Sabbath as the Abbotsford Adventist Church hosted an outreach day with the theme being Punjabi Outreach Sabbath.  The city of Abbotsford has grown considerably which has led to its diversity and multiculturalism.  Reaching out to other ethnicities can pose a challenge as the cultures can be quite diverse.  With this in mind Pastor Luc organized a wonderful outreach Sabbath.  The Punjabi Outreach Sabbath service featured two guest speakers, a wonderful Indian food themed potluck and an afternoon presentation.  One of the highlights was a wonderful special music that was shared before the sermon.  Pastor Clifmond Sheemudeeren(director of the GC of South Asia Ministries in Canada) had the worship service, sharing insights, stories and facts were thought provoking and challenging.  Pastor John Joseph, who is the pastor of the Punjabi Yuba city church, shared about some of the challenges involved in reaching out and how to bridge the differences in our cultures.  The question and answer section ended the afternoon meeting, completing the day nicely.